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Flora is a membership for artists and people who are botanically creative 

- or aspire to be!

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Welcome to Cara’s Garden, a place where you are invited to grow as a botanical artist, without pressure, at your own pace.

How would you like to...

  • Create a botanical sketchbook practice
  • Learn techniques for painting flowers in watercolor
  • Listen to a little bit of botany 

All while being part of a beautiful community of botanically inspired people...

If the answer is yes, then the Flora Botanical Arts Membership is a place for you. It is a beautiful online space where you can access a library of botanical art lessons whenever you want, and new lessons are released every week.

You can join fun challenges, or work quietly on your own. Where you can ask questions and have them answered live every month. A place where a beginner can find support, a seasoned artist can find accountability, and we can all find our people.

I am Cara, and I look forward to meeting you. I have been a botanical artist for more than 25 years, and teaching people about plants through botanical art brings me so much joy!


Learn how to draw and paint flowers by first learning how to see them Improve your botanical art skills at your own pace

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Krista Vogt

“In an often hectic world, Cara invites us to slow down and connect with nature and our innate creativity. Through Flora, Cara has broadened my curiosity and willingness to try new things in my adventures in gardening and traditional hand drawn art.”

Robyn Chausse

The Flora Membership has helped me improve my skills, and stay with a daily sketching practice. In a matter of a few months, Flora has taken me from "stick figures" to sketching in perspective, and becoming comfortable using watercolors (something I had not intended).
What I like is that each art lesson builds upon the previous lesson, so new artists can start at the beginning and grow, or more experienced members can just jump in and follow along. Along with the botanical education and the information on gardening that is often shared, each week offers something to look forward to!
Flora has become more than just an illustration course for me; it has become a part of my artistic routine, providing inspiration and a safe community for sharing my work."


Christine Martell

I'm a professional artist who has been working primarily digitally for the last decade. It's been a long time since I used traditional media and my style is different from Cara's. I joined Flora to bring me back to basics. I'm rusty drawing with a pencil and doing watercolor on paper. The membership gives me a way to shore up my fundamental skills while learning more about the flowers I love to draw. 

The best way to learn how to paint flowers is to  learn more about them. With lessons in botany, traditional and contemporary botanical art techniques, and full length projects, your botanical knowledge will increase, and your botanical art will stand out. 

This is not about doing the same art as someone else, it is about deeper learning. 

The skills you learn and the  knowledge you gain will impact how you see the botanical world, and how you describe it with your art. 

Whether you are a seasoned artist, or you are just getting started, we have a place for you


Start with the basics like learning about what supplies to use and how to begin drawing, or jump in and use the projects and monthly sketchbook prompts  as a way to hone your skills

 A new, seasonal theme every month with four new lessons:

    • Sketching

    • Botany

    • Watercolor 

    • Live call to answer your questions or paint along

  • A community you always have access to

    • Challenges

    • A place to ask, and answer questions

    • Share your work

    • Ask for feedback


We  love spaces like this. We love flowers, we love art, and we love to talk about it. We love to create.

Painting flowers is one thing, but learning how to really see them and how they are put together is another thing completely. Build your skill with depth, over time, at a gentle pace. 

A  supportive community is there for you when you want to share your knowledge about flowers, get feedback on your art, or find inspiration when you are feeling stuck.

What’s inside Flora?

Flora is a monthly art membership and community

The Flora membership is built in monthly modules with cohesive themes. New content released weekly:

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See you inside Flora!