Green Coriander, My New Favorite Thing!

It has been a while. More than a season. Spring somehow came and went, and I didn’t visit much, but not because I didn’t have a lot to say. It was, after all, the lead up to my favorite time (summer)--the snow melted, I planted my garden, my anticipation grew for all of the things I was going to accomplish! And then it started raining, and it never stopped.

I don’t make my living growing food, so unlike a lot of my farmer friends, it was just a frustration for me when my plants started looking puny and rotting--at least the ones in the low part of the garden. But some plants did do well, including things that may have gone unnoticed if I was not forced to be a bit more creative when thinking about how to get dinner out of the garden.

One of those discoveries was green coriander. I love cilantro, and I’m always disappointed that it bolts so soon in the spring (although it lasted a bit longer in a raised bed due to the cool wet weather we’ve had). So when sweet corn season arrived, and I started to think about putting together a recipe for a sweet corn salsa/salad, I pined for cilantro, but mine was a spindly mess in the corner of my herb box. In an attempt to find a few usable leaves, I discovered that there were also tons of little green seed pods just waiting to be plucked. And OH MY GOSH, they are delicious. I played around a little bit with my recipe, and this is what I came up with:

Sweet Corn Salsa/Salad with Green Coriander:


6 ears fresh sweet corn, kernels removed

1/8 cup green Coriander seeds (or Cilantro leaves)

2 large (or 4-5 small) tomatoes, diced (use lots of interesting colors!)

Fresh pepper: this is to taste, depending on how hot you like it. Try 1 minced jalapeno (seeded)

1 lemon, juiced

1/2 onion, chopped

Salt to taste


2 cups arugula, torn 

1 avocado, diced


1.    Heat a large cast iron skillet over a medium-high flame and coat with olive oil. When skillet is hot, add the corn kernels, covering bottom of pan in a single layer, and cook until lightly browned. Set cooked kernels aside and continue until all the kernels are cooked

2.     Continue the same process with the onions, adding more oil if necessary

3.     Combine all ingredients in a bowl and serve


This dish can be used on its own as a side salad, with arugula or another green as a meal sized salad, or  filling for tacos!