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Your creative passion

can also be

your creative business



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 You've thought about turning that thing you love into a business...

  • But you are worried about learning new programs and figuring out social media -- you don't really consider yourself a tech person

  • Maybe you have a side hustle, or a hobby that you would like to grow, but you are overwhelmed by where to start

  • You have a million ideas, but you have no idea where to put your energy, so you don't do anything

  • Perhaps you are a botanical artist, and you'd love to see your art on cards, prints, or other products and you'd just really like to talk about your options

  • Your business is going, but is not growing, and you need help moving through some of your blocks
You know what?  


You also have experience -- and that is your advantage. 

 I'm Cara, and I have been where you are now. I also know how much it can help to talk through your ideas with someone who understands. 

At the age of 50 I moved out of the office and into the studio, garden, and greenhouse -- and no, not to retire. I started the business I had always dreamed of.

I'm excited to hear about your dreams.


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How we will work together


Our one-hour session

in three parts


Are you ready to talk through your idea or challenge?

After you book your session, you will be taken to a calendar where you can select a time for our call.

  • You will answer  a few questions that will help me get to know you better
  • We will have our one-hour call over Zoom
  • I will send you a follow up email with recommendations and next steps, and you will receive a recording of our session


 Ready to Bloom?

 I'm so excited to meet you!

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