Join me for a FREE online workshop -- five days of botanical inspiration. As winter comes to a close, let's celebrate the gentleness and subtle beauty of what is around us, and welcome the spring equinox. 

    Day 1: Gather inspiration

    Day 2: Mix colors

    Day 3: Arrange botanicals

    Day 4: Create a piece

    Day 5: Share your work

    Whether you are up north and still covered in snow or in a place where the changes between winter and spring are more subtle, I invite you to join me for a five-day celebration of the change in seasons. 

    You will receive a new video lesson in your email every day for four days starting on Monday, March 11.

    On Friday, March 15th we will meet up on Zoom at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time to talk about what we noticed, and share what we created.

    I will also tell you more about the Flora Botanical Arts Membership! 

    Hello, I'm Cara!

    I am a botanical artist, gardener, and educator. I have been painting botanicals for nearly 30 years. Inspiring people to slow down and see what is around them and to get to know the plants in their gardens, neighborhoods, and places they visit brings me so much joy. I love to teach artists and people who are botanically creative to describe what they see through sketching and painting from life. 

    Wherever you live, there is probably a quieter season, one that challenges you to move slower, observe more carefully, and dig deeper into your creative process. For me, that is the transition from winter to spring. It is still very much like winter outside, and my patience for the arrival of the colors, textures, shapes, and smells of spring is beginning to run thin…

    But if I do slow down and take time to really look at what is around me, I can find so much beauty and inspiration. So I hope you will join me for a five day inspiration challenge. I will share my process with you and invite you to share what you learn and create.