Uppercase Magazine Feature

Jan 19, 2022

I absolutely love Uppercase Magazine, so when I was recently featured on their beautiful pages, I was beyond thrilled! And to get a full page was even more amazing. The prompt that I responded to asked about studio spaces, which really resonated with me, especially over the past two years. Being at home so much was certainly part of it, but 2020 was also when I became a full time artist. So I had spent a lot time thinking about how to make a space that I could work out of full time—and how I would connect my indoor space to my garden.

And to make the whole thing even sweeter, the cover art for the issue (52) was by the incredible Lisa Congdon!

If you don’t know about Uppercase, check it out! When my quarterly issues arrive I wait until I can sit down and then read them cover to cover. They are a feast for the eyes, and I’m always impressed with all of the different contributors they feature.

Photos by Kari Pain and Cara Cummings