A Botanical Arts Community

Flora is a membership for artists and people who are botanically creative 

- or aspire to be!

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Flora is a membership for people who love botanical art. It is a place for accomplished and aspiring artists to learn botanical art techniques and improve their drawing and painting skills–to learn to see plants and flowers in a new way.

 It is a place to bolster your knowledge of plants with lessons in botany, and to find seasonal tips and ideas on gardening and incorporating plants into your life. 

Flora is a community for learning, sharing, and celebrating all things botanical.

Learn how to really see flowers

Improve your botanical art skills at your own pace

The best way to learn how to paint flowers is to  learn more about them. With lessons in botany, traditional and contemporary botanical art techniques, and full length projects, your botanical knowledge will increase, and your botanical art will stand out. 

This is not about doing the same art as someone else, it is about deeper learning. 

The skills you learn and the  knowledge you gain will impact how you see the botanical world, and how you describe it with your art. 

Whether you are a seasoned artist, or you are just getting started, we have a place for you


Start with the basics like learning about what supplies to use and how to begin drawing, or jump in and use the projects and monthly sketchbook prompts  as a way to hone your skills

Painting flowers is one thing, but learning how to really see them and how they are put together is another thing completely. Build your skill with depth, over time, at a gentle pace. 

A lively and supportive community is there for you when you want to share your knowledge about flowers, get feedback on your art, or find inspiration when you are feeling stuck.

What’s inside Flora?

Flora is a monthly art membership and community

The Flora membership is built in monthly modules with cohesive themes. New content released weekly: